Thursday, August 26, 2010

Letter to the Editor

I recently wrote the following letter to the Editor and subsequently saw it in the Express.

I hope:
(i) the owners of the dog I mentioned also saw it and were able to rescue their pet. I haven't seen the dog since, so maybe they did get him.
(ii) the media houses really consider implementing the suggested service. There must be animal lovers working in the media.

The Editor:

During the rainy season, whenever there is loud thunder, some dogs run from their homes in terror. They wander far and are not always relocated by their owners. It is customary after heavy rainfall to see confused, lost dogs sniffing around at the roadside. I suggest that media houses introduce a service whereby members of the public can call in with information on lost-dog sightings and that these announcements be made (where/when possible) via print, radio, television, internet.

Last week I noticed an Alsatian with a washed out forest-green collar wandering around St. John Road, St. Augustine. I made some announcements via email and Facebook and did not see the dog after. I assumed it had been picked up by its owners. However, this morning I saw it trotting along St. John Road, sniffing and looking confused. I called to it and it ran onto the compound leading to the University School. It looks a little skinny, but otherwise healthy.

I would appreciate it if you publish this letter, as the owners or someone who knows them may see it and be able to rescue the dog. It's not a good feeling to know that a pet is wandering away from home and you have no idea where.

Thank you.

Elspeth Duncan,
St. Augustine

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