Friday, August 27, 2010

Eat, Drink, Love

Yesterday and the day before, I decided to listen to my body and give it what it wanted to eat and drink. The day before (food-wise), it was sweet potato and carrots, water and Yogi Tea. While shaving the skin off the sweet potato, this heart-shaped piece fell into the sink—confirmation that my body was happy with what it was about to get.
Sweet Heart

Yesterday morning my body asked for coconut water, so I went and took a jug to be filled (6 coconuts did it). Amazingly, after the vendor chopped one of the nuts open, I noticed that the hole was heart-shaped . Once again, confirmation.
A (w)hole lot of Love

As I sit here now and tune in to my body, what does it want? More coconut water, fruits, Yogi Tea ... and something soft, warm and textured (slightly rough)—mashed eddoes with a dash of a herb or spice, perhaps. On one hand—cool, juicy and rehydrating and on the other hand—soft, warm/hot and spicy. Comforting, nurturing, cleansing and refueling.

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