Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Divine 143=I Love You Day

Today was not a bad day, but there were points along the way where I felt temporarily overwhelmed. As I was driving home from town, with the radio on, I decided to get guidance by playing a game I usually play when I'm on a long drive (either alone or with others). It's called "The Song Game". Kind of like reading cards or consulting an oracle. Without knowing what is coming, choose an upcoming song for yourself (if alone) or for another (if driving with someone). Say up front what message the song will have for the person to whom it is dedicated.

Something in the next song will answer a question you've had about your career.

Two songs ahead of this one you'll find a clue to where you must travel next for your greatest benefit.

It usually works.

So, as I was driving, I said aloud: "The next song is my Guardian Angel speaking to me."

The song that came was one I had never heard before, but it fitted perfectly—the lyrics were really like me and my Guardian Angel communicating. Look and listen and you will see what I mean. The video is one of those that is disabled by request, but you can click here to hear/see it. I love it. And the lyrics are here: I want to talk to you ... Let's talk.

By the time the song had finished, I really felt that Divine communication was in operation. Further confirmation came when, on the way home, I saw various examples of what I call my 'code' for "I Love You": the number 143.
1 = I
4 = Love
3 = You

I kept seeing cars with that number on their number plates ( I took photos of them while driving). Messages confirming Love from Above.
This first one, 1437 ... whenever I see that on a car numberplate (as I have before), I automatically see it as "I Love You Elspeth" (because Elspeth has 7 letters in it).
"------, I Love You"
"-----, I Love You"


Karen from Chookooloonks said...

Since my name has 5 letters (and I love VWs), I'll claim the last image. ;)

Love the song game. Will do it myself next time I'm in the car. :)

Elspeth said...

That's great. Karen, I Love You.

Unknown said...

This song is one of Coldplay's best. Their haunting music tends to pull and tug at something deep inside, and this particular song has beautiful lyrics.
I think you received an important message. Even more so because you asked for one. :)
The reassurances you received afterward with the I Love You messages seem perfectly on cue. That's so cool.

Elspeth said...

True. They manage to play/sing the right combination of notes, right harmonies and his tone of voice is lovely. It all comes together to touch a deep emotive place. ABBA also has that effect (only more consistently in my opinion).

meadysmusings said...

I always have this numbers thing too! :)
The imaginist in my just enjoys it while
the scientist wants to collect data on it
to prove it!:)

Funny thing to see ABBA on this comment
here too as it was my latest status
update on FB!:)