Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summing up Eat, Pray, Love.

I had read Eat, Pray Love maybe 2 years ago. I found it was funny and liked that it was a true story. I can understand why and how it must have inspired many women (maybe even men) to let go of elements in their lives that no longer serve them, follow the true call of the heart and find themselves. I can't recall the impact the book had on me, but I remember at points agreeing and identifying with things that Gilbert had written and feeling (on an emotional level) that I was reading the book at the right time.

I went on a 'girls lime" to see the 7:30 movie last night. I'm normally up from 3:30 a.m., so by the time 7:30 comes around, I've already been awake for about sixteen hours. Add to that the fact that I tend to fall asleep in movies if they don't grab me quickly enough. I slept through most of the trip to Italy and woke up for India, but struggled to keep awake. By the time Julia Roberts had reached Bali, I was rested enough to watch to the end. Lovely scenic shots, especially the opening sequence and the Bali segment.

While I'm not inspired to recommend EPL as a you-HAVE-to-go-and-see-this movie, that's just me. There are others who will look at it, be deeply touched and even transformed because of the way it resonates with them.

I was just talking to a friend in Canada (using the fantastic gmail phone that let's you call any phone in US or Canada absolutely free from your computer, until end of 2010). She said that the Kundalini Yoga studio she goes to recently got a new student who joined because she had seen Eat, Pray, Love and thought that Julia Roberts was doing Kundalini Yoga in the movie (which she wasn't, but I can see why the woman might have thought so).

Fantastic. Clearly something about the movie had touched this woman deeply, spoke to her and inspired her to go deeper and find herself.

A brief summary of the movie from my perspective would be: Relax, let go, receive.


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