Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dream woman gives me direct messages

Something just sparked the memory of a very clear part of my dream last night. I feel I remembered because I'm meant to do what was told to me.

I was at a gathering at someone's home. An attractive older woman, perhaps in her early 50's, left what she was doing and came across the room to me. She was wearing a khaki all-in-one "dress" that looked like some kind of protective services uniform. I got the feeling that she had just come from 'work'. She looked familiar and I can still remember her face, but I don't know her.

She never introduced herself—just looked me directly in the eyes and started to speak. The first thing I remember her telling me was: "Have two exhibitions by the end of the year."

"How about one?"I asked her.

"Two," she said. Her expression never changed. She had a constant slight smile. She came across as kind but firm.

Then she said: "Never travel as if you are alone."

"But what if I am?" I asked her.

"You are not."

The dream itself was surreal and dreamlike, but the part with the woman felt real, which is why it stood out. Did she mean to have two exhibitions by the end of the year 2010?

It is possible. "Exhibition" doesn't necessarily mean a big solo exhibition like I've done in the past—one which takes a while to produce. It could be something on a smaller scale.

I am 'exhibiting' new (and old) work all the time in various ways—mainly, as of late, through film screenings at festivals or at smaller events like this collaborative one at which my video for You Are Calling will be screened. But the two exhibitions she wants me to produce could be anything.

The thing is ... do I want to add anything more to my plate? Do I have the energy to focus on new projects now? Today, of all days, when I woke up and decided to focus on fewer things.

But the dream woman's directive was specific. It feels like it's beyond my logic and comprehension. Not something that I am to figure out—simply allow it to happen. Two exhibitions by the end of the year. I feel that by even writing about this on the blog, I am publicly announcing my agreement.

YES. I trust you. I accept the challenge. I accept my role as the clear channel for whatever and why ever these two exhibitions are meant to be.



candaceameni said...

I have been having similar experiences lately. Will tell you more about it. Agreement is also usually my reaction to this. "Spirits" (used very widely) channel messages and sagely advice through our dreams. It is the time when we are most open spiritually and unbiased by a powered up and working consciousness.

Lynn Cohen said...

by the end of the year is in four months time. not knowing yet what it will be shortens that time considerably not? perhaps your "muse" or what ever you want to call this "dream woman" is teasing you? Pushing you? maybe you are to make up your "waking mind" and take on what is realistic for you, not her?
We shall see. I will stay tuned.

Elspeth said...

I understand what you're saying, Lynn. I did think of all of that. Right now I just feel like it's being about open to possibilities and not looking at the dream literally.

Elspeth said...

Candaceameni, re the word 'agreement' - interestingly one of the meanings of 'Sat nam' that I've seen is "I agree to the Truth within".