Sunday, August 22, 2010

I recommend Red Cross First Aid Course

Yesterday I did the Red Cross First Aid Course. I would recommend it to everyone.

We learned various techniques, including dressing of wounds, tying triangular slings, wrapping splints for injuries to muscles/bones/joints, rescue breath and rescue breathing, CPR and we also covered details on what to do for victims of burns, heart attacks, strokes, poisoning, life-threatening allergies, etc.

We practised on each other by tying slings, turning the 'injured' body to recovery position, dealing with conscious choking emergencies, etc. The CPR and breathing techniques were practised on dummies—where and how to pump the chest, how many times to pump, where and how to place the mouth-to-mouth (or mouth covering nose and mouth in the case of babies) for rescue breathing.

Of course it's vital to keep practising so that (a) we don't forget what we learned and (b) we improve on what we learned in terms of efficiency and confidence.

Definitely a worthwhile course. Only 8 hours on a Saturday, once a month, $400 registration. If interested, call the TT Red Cross and give them your name. The next class is in September.


Marie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed and found you First Aid/CPR class beneficial! I'm a huge believer that everyone should be trained! Pretty sure the $400 registration is a typo, though... ;)

Red Cross Volunteer

Elspeth said...

Hi - no it's not a typo. I'm talking in Trinidad & Tobago dollars, not US. It's roughly $$60US

Lynn Cohen said...

Thanks for the translation! That was steep! nice for you to know all that.