Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My new mystery relationship

Some time ago I observed notification from Yahoo that I am in a new relationship. This came as news to me. At the time, I simply brushed it off as (on one level) a Yahoo glitch and (on another level) a sign of things to come.

A few times after, I saw the notification again. Each time I thought it was the same old message and forgot about it ... until last night when I was driving with my friend Patti. She said: "Sun ... (i.e. her nickname for me) ... when I was in New York I got a status update from your Yahoo account saying that you're in a new relationship."

At the time she had thought: "What?! How could Sun not write to tell me something so important?!"

She said it had happened about a month ago and she keeps getting status updates about Elspeth Duncan's new relationship. I told her I got the same thing ... even though I've never made a Yahoo update in my life. If Patti is getting updates that I'm in a new relationship, I guess everyone else on my mailing list who has a Yahoo account is.

I went into Yahoo this morning and, after a while, found the the update section (Share my updates). It was ticked—even though I never ticked it. I wrote to Yahoo to ask what's going on.

These 'relationship update' options seem to be technologically volatile. People press the simplest button and something newsworthy happens. Sometimes on Facebook there's a dramatic announcement for the world to see:

So-and-so is no longer in a relationship


So-and-so is now single.

Then, below that, a flurry of concerned (or more like maco) comments from 'friends' (especially if the person is married or engaged or in a serious longterm relationship): OMG! What happened?!!!! Are you okay????!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! I'm here if you need me!!!

Meanwhile, the person is still happily coupled but had inadvertently pressed some button on their profile ...


Lynn Cohen said...

What a way to make or break one's self image for the world to see. My DH is always worried about what i put on facebook/my blog for the world to see. It's bad enough when I do it myself, but for the misplacement of a finger to do so is really scary! LOL

Elspeth said...

That old saying "All the world's a stage" can be updated to "All the world's a microscope".

meadysmusings said...

Beautiful pic for this post!

I don't know what is going on with Yahoo all of a sudden I noticed a trail of info. about people too...like from even a yr. ago just appear! Crazy! No come to think of it who knows what it says about me! Gotta go check now...thing is I only noticed it a day or two ago as I actually logged on to my yahoo acct on a computer so saw it...as nowadays I just get all my email on my bberry so don't actually log in! The other disadvantage of it too is I cannot click when a thing is spam...so I keep getting bad spam from my first ever hotmail email acct I have since in the mid 90s!

I think things keep getting worse and worse as companies are competing for the social networking market- oh gosh!

Btw E I might have some news...not sure sure yet but will let you know should unfold in a few wks...LOL! Now I just wrote that for all to see except there are spaces so you see...it's like a game and only who really knows will know...

Elspeth said...

Hmm, is it what I think it is?