Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Before and After

The background wall colours in the above photos came out pale (I guess because of depth of field and exposure?) ... but I was feeling too lazy to take them over and get the true hues. Use your imagination to deepen and brighten them and you will see the before and after of my bedroom.

Before (left photo), it was blue (see this post for a truer representation of the hue).

Yesterday two painters painted it pink.

It surprises many people when I say that I'm not good with choosing and combining colours. They say "But you're an artist!" But colours have never been my forte. I just have to go with what feels right. And somehow I felt for pink. When I told friends, etc that I was painting my room pink, their reaction was a shocked (or in some cases, disgusted): "Pink??!!!" And then some would say something like "But that's not you!!!"

Well it's 'not me' (in the traditional sense, seeing that I've always been on the blue-green end of the spectrum) ... but when I looked at the colour charts in the paint shops, I only felt drawn to the pink hues. They felt warm and had a strong, resonant vibration. Of course I decided to go with what I was feeling.

So, this is a first for me. My first ever 'pink' room. Such a change, considering I once hated the colour. It's what I feel now. But will I feel it a month from now?

Let's just say that the colour on the colour chart isn't what ended up on the walls. Is it ever? I had thought it would be a rich, earthy, natural kind of pink, but it's not. How do I describe what now surrounds me? I like to think of it as walking into a huge rose quartz and being embraced by its properties. It's kind of deep and bright and seems to be a different tone every time I look at it. It depends on the lighting in the room at the time. It's a strange pink that I can't quite put my finger on and am not yet accustomed to. Maybe even strawberrry meets dash of blueberry? Not being a colour expert, I don't know how to describe it or what colour curtains and sheets will complement it.

My friend Nisha (who's coming over in a while to see it and give advice on colour combinations) says it takes a week to get used to colour change. I can feel the physical effects of it. Whereas with the blue I was calm (maybe because it was blue and/or because I was accustomed to it), I can actually feel my inner body vibrating for some reason in this pink room.

"Stimulation," according to Nisha.

We'll see what she says when she steps in!


Lynn Cohen said...

First of all I love the two photos of YOU. How you do that?
I cannot see the colors of the rooms but take your word for it.
PINK...sounds very feminine, soft, warm, quiet, (unless it's a loud pink of course). Not my choice but then it's not my room! Enjoy it.
What did Jasper say about it?

Elspeth said...

The two photos of me - taken in a mirror. The room colours are supposed to be seen in the background (but are not). Then just put the before and after photos side by side in Photoshop. The pink room is feeling and looking great, believe it or not. I've shifted items around, got rid of some things to create more space, bought new curtains, spread, rug, lamp, etc - in colours I wouldn't normally think of going for ... but I like how they're all fitting together. It has a warm, cosy feel and I'm enjoying departing from my 'norm'. Jasper loves it. He's being extra frisky. You know when they get that wild look in their eyes and go tearing around the place.