Monday, January 26, 2009

From bed to blog

My third morning post-surgery and I feel good. Amazing how quickly the body can heal.

My island is now the size of a bed ... My world the size of a room. Below, I share some of the photos of the people, places, flora, fauna and cuisine which Synchronicity (my camera) and I took on our 'global travels' this weekend ...
The crystal hanging in the window sends rainbows through the curtains, onto the walls on a sunny morning (when sun is in the East).
Reflection of my friend Nisha (right of pic) and my leg (left) as we lounge on my bed chatting. She was visiting on the night of the day I came home (Saturday).

My foot (left) and my friend Carol's foot (right) during her visit on Sunday morning.
The sun casts shadows of the curtains, burglar proofing and dolphin wind chimes on the upper front right corner of room.
Sunday lunch courtesy Mummy: avocado, tomato, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, carrots. Raw roughage.
Flowers I got when in hospital. Pink rose from my sis Kathryn and nephew Liu. Other flowers from my friend Glen. Rosanna's flowers were more wild and temporary, so lasted only for the length of time I was in l'hôpital.
Empty bowl contained Saturday night's (non raw) soup (à la maman): spinach and carrots boiled and blended, with small, soft chunks of cassava. Creamy and delish.My ever-present head nurse ... sleeping on duty as usual.

And ... happy new moon today. It's a good one.


meadysmusings said...

Aaawww...the head nurse is the cutest although I dont even like cats! :) I was about to ask if you didnt feel like being non-raw as you are sick I'd feel like having something 'feel good' if I was sick and then I saw you had the soup...I was wondering if though for you only raw was 'feel good' I love hot soups! And Im glad you had some...warming no?

Elspeth said...

Well, I'm not technically 'sick', but yes, soup is a 'feel good' food and I've been having it a few times over the past few days. I just had some actually. At the hospital, of course there was no raw, so I had soup and hot creamy oat porridge (also 'feel good' food). Raw is feel good too, in a different way. And no, I don't feel like being 'non raw', but I'm not against cooked soup. It's creamy and cosy.

Elspeth said...

... and people who say they hate cats often end up adoring 'the head nurse'.

meadysmusings said...

Hey I had Quaker Oats yesterday for breakfast! Not healthy though I mean cause I made it with condensed milk and some water and some evaporated milk so although I didnt make it really really sweet but of course not really healthy too! And then I put cinnamon on top...I like to do that from time to time when I get the chance to make it! I guess still less sugary than sugared cereal from a box and much better in a billion ways. Nice to have that and an apple or something!

I dont hate any animals perhaps or I dont like snakes but look I had all these boas before me in this thing i went to and it had a snake man and well...not my fav but didnt have to run away...I didnt touch em though...but as a child I've played with cats and I've saved kittens and things you know...but dont too like them to say...and on occasions like snakes they can scare me...of course I just adore tigers so you see Im open to the little cats too...of course a tiger is actually a man eater so...!