Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You've got (snail) mail

This afternoon I got three pieces of mail, two of which were the exciting kind. The other was from the bank.
Some time ago the blogger Lynn, in sharing a bit of her 'day job', offered to send a copy of her "Relaxation Technique for Stress Reduction" CD to the first ten people who left comments on that particular post. I happened to be one of them ... and the CD, from California, was one of the packages I received today. It's 15 minutes of Lynn's voice leading the listener through "a relaxing of your mind and body that leaves you feeling like an old rag doll, limp and loose, and blissed out." I'll put on my headphones and listen to it later this evening before I go to sleep.
My other package felt like a CD but wasn't. It contained two cards from my friend Rose in London. One was a greeting card with a haunting overhead photograph of the River South Esk winding through the Grampian Mountains, with a spotlight of sun beaming through grey clouds, illuminating a piece of the valley and making the river silver. Tucked into the greeting card was the other card ... a MotherPeace Tarot card which Rose (who picks a card every now and then when we are communicating) had picked for me some time earlier in January ... if I remember correctly, even before I knew I would be having the operation and this current period of rest.

The Four of Swords generally signifies a time of retreat and healing, meditation, going within, clearing of the head/heart/soul, positive stillness, recuperation after a period of great activity ... definitely what my life is about these days.

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