Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy 800th Birthday

King's College, Cambridge, England
Photo from article (link below)

Cambridge University, where I did my Masters degree and spent some of the best and dearest times of my life is celebrating its 800th anniversary
. Wow. Daddy sent me a link to the article and when I started to read it my eyes filled with tears. I felt sentimental, realising that I am a link in an 800 year old chain of students who have passed through this special place.

The celebrations are global, so I'll celebrate tonight with my own simple light show and bell ringing.

The college featured in the image with the article (above) is King's College. My college was one of the women's colleges - the lovely New Hall, now known (as of last year) as Murray Edwards College.


Lynn Cohen said...

What an awesome photo of such a wonderful place! How proud you must be of your education gained there! It reminded me of a trip my first husband and I made around 1962 or 63, visiting that college campus, and meeting up with a young African man we'd met previously in Israel where we lived at the time. We went rowing on the river there and had our picture taken in one of the awesome curved doorways of either Cambridge or Oxford, I can't remember now, and it was published in Ebony Magazine! I was so proud of that!
Happy Birthday Cambridge and Congratulations Elspeth for being in that long proud line of graduates!

Elspeth said...

Lots of changes last time I saw it - more built up, like most places, but still charming.

Elspeth said...

... and the day of the 800th b'day of Cambridge is the day of my 8th month of being raw.