Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Over the weekend I went to walk the labyrinth with my friend Kristen.
We were joined by two inquisitive but shy stray pups. I christened them 'labradors' ... lab for labyrinth and adors because who would not adore these little bundles?
The black pup (braver of the two) stands at the opening of the path, apparently knowing exactly what to do. There was evidence that the puppies and perhaps a larger dog had been walking the labyrinth at some point. Large and small 'loads' were deposited at points along the pathway.
"Sometimes in life shit happens," Kris said when she saw the faecal offerings.
The black puppy makes off with the right side of my water sandals while his brother tentatively climbs onto the labyrinth to sniff at the path
View upwards while lying down in centre of labyrinth.
"Bye for now ..."


meadysmusings said...

Those pups look very cute hard to believe they are strays...Where is this Labyrinth? You know before I thought it was in your backyard...now I realise you have to go to walk it...is this The Botanical Gardens then?

Elspeth said...

I wish I had one in my back yard. One day I will. It's at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, top of Chacon Street, POS.

meadysmusings said...

Oh OK I know the cathedral always admire it...it looks like a serene sacred place admist it all...but never realised it had a labyrinth will explore it one day...

Elspeth said...

Yes, it's in the heart of down town ... but, as the saying goes: 'In the world, but not of it'.

Lynn Cohen said...

I love your beautiful brown feet!
And your hand reaching up showing us the sky above it.
Did you ever get your shoe back?
Funny dogs walking the labarynth!
Nice that you have this close to home to enjoy!