Saturday, January 24, 2009

My first ever surgical experience

My hospital wrist band which I kept as a souvenir
Dear All,

I was wondering if to blog about this before or after. I've chosen to do it after ... now that I am back home. This way there's no need for concern.

Early on the morning of Friday 23rd January, I had my first ever experience of 'going under' (anesthetic) and having surgery. It was 'minor' surgery, but being my first time with any kind of surgery, it felt 'major' ... since I didn't know what to expect. I was anxious, curious, excited and afraid all rolled into one.

I haven't had the flu or been sick in over ten years, I go to the doctor maybe as much as once a year (for a routine check up or to get a medical to fill out some form or the other) and I can't remember the last time I've taken any kind of medication or pain killers. As a result, in the past few days when I've told my friends that I'm going to have an operation, the across-the-board response has been: "You?!!" Just like when I said I was painting my room pink. "You?!!"

In all it was an interesting experience. Going under the general anesthetic especially. As they fitted the nozzle over my nose, I said (or tried to say) a few last words: "Wish me well" ... only it came out like the deep drone of a warped tape or slowed down record: Wooooooorrrrsssshhhh mooooooyyyyyyy woooorrrrrrllllllll." One of the nurses said: "What?" and removed the nozzle from my nose. I repeated as slowly and carefully as I could (as I felt myself fading quickly): "WISHHH ... MEEE ... WELLLL ..." Through my half closed eyes I could see quite a few of them leaning over me and I heard a chorus of singing voices saying in unison: "WE WISH YOU WELL!!!" ... and that was how I 'went under'.

Next thing I knew, someone was gently waking me.

Lots to say about the experience, but I'll end here for now. Healing time is an estimated 2 weeks, but I feel it will be much less. I'm grateful for the health of my body, its swift healing responses and, thanks to raw foods, its clean inner landscape and flow. I'm grateful for my loving family and friends.

I had asked a few of the nurses at the hospital:"Do you like what you do?" Each of them had responded without hesitation: "We LOVE what we do!" So important. I felt their care and their carefulness in all that they did for me. Even when they gave me hot oatmeal for breakfast this morning, I could taste that it had been made by gentle hands.

So, that was my 'adventure this weekend. And I'm glad to be back in my glowing pink room ... my rose headquartzers.

Good thing I don't have needle phobia. This is where the needle was (in the vein on the back of my hand) for the anesthetic. It stayed in there until I left this morning.


Allenoel said...

I wish you a speedy recovery and complete healing.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my. What a surprise! I'm so glad you are back home safe and sound in your pink room. PINK ROOM? :)

Lynn Cohen said...

I am sorry you had to have this experience, but glad it went smoothly as you seem to portray here. I also pray it is nothing to worry about further.
And I do wish you well for a speedy recovery.
The few times I have "gone under" I say the Jewish prayer one is supposed to say before they die. Just in case.
But I fortunately have always come far anyway. LOL

Anonymous said...

anesthesia is a trip, aint it?

good to hear you are well. I hve been very bad to my body for many years and things seem to have caught up with me. I think afterreading this I will definitely make my way to a doctor, just to make sure eveything is ok.

you're a sneaky one.

wish you well.


Elspeth said...

Thanks, All. Lynn, yes it did go as smoothly, which I'm glad about. Definitely much better than what I had imagined anesthesia and surgery would have been like. Nothing to worry about further. Sim, be good to your body and yes, if you feel the need to see a doctor for a check-up, by all means do. I'll explain more in another post.