Monday, January 19, 2009

Where is my head today?

1. I dressed and headed out early for a nine o'clock meeting. Reached on time, hoping the meeting wouldn't be longer than an hour as I had lots of other things to do. Sat waiting for the person I was to meet with, somewhat irritated that she hadn't even reached the office yet, it was after nine and the receptionist couldn't reach her on her cell phone or home phone. Looked in my diary to bide time by checking what else I had to do for the day ... and realised today is Monday and not Tuesday! The meeting is tomorrow.

Last week I did the same thing. Bright and early on Monday packed up my camera gear and everything needed for the video project with the girls ... only to realise (thankfully before leaving the house) that it was Monday ... and I was to meet them on Tuesday.

2. After this morning's 'meeting' I went to the paint store to buy white paint (primer) for tomorrow - painting my bedroom. Paid for the paint, started talking to a customer in the store, then told her bye and started heading out the door. The owner of the paint store called after me: "Wait! You're leaving without your paint!"


meadysmusings said...

Haha! Believe me it happens...luckily I've never mixed up days so bad to head off to the location and find out later although I've always dreaded it. But I've for sure almost walked off without the things I went through all the trouble to pay for on many occassions...lightheaded or Nutty Professorness is one reason but to be honest the time those people does take to clear your payment sometimes some groceries them does have to write down your driver's permit number and all kinda thing! Geez! And one would have thought credit cards would make it faster but...well leh meh doh bad talk the general populace here in good ole T&T! Imagine how they would have look at them in the ad where the world is just going by quickly with the scan of a card and someone stops to pay with cash! (its an ad on tv) Of course on the other had you have to hand it to us in terms of being overly safe with the credit etc we didnt crash our banks like some people too so!

Lynn Cohen said...

Oh my, and you are too young to blame this on age or dying brain cells. You must have a lot on your mind.
Take a deep breath, slow down, check book always BEFORE leaving the house...and you should be okay.
Dr. Lynn

My WORD verification is CATiesse

Elspeth said...

Yes Meady - another friend called and told me she did the same thing today (mistook it for Tuesday).

CATiesse - a French cat. And yes, lots to do and lots on my mind.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha. I have you beat. I once rode my bike all the way to work before realizing it was Saturday. I had even passed by a yard sale and thought, "WHO has yard sales on FRIDAY?" Sigh.

Elspeth said...

Ha! Good one.

Andreamuse said...

I just laughed so hard when I read this! I do this occasionally, too. My favorite story was from when I was still in school and I had plans to go to a play with a friend. My friend was always late so I was not surprised when the time to come pick me up came and went. Then I started getting nervous and anxious and kept calling her but kept getting a busy signal. Finally I realized that we were going to miss the play and I felt furious. Then she called me. I demanded, "Where were you???" And she was very confused at my anger. Turns out she was just casually calling me to say hi and that the play was the next week! :)))

Elspeth said...

Ha! Reminds me of when I was in Toronto in 2007. My cousins and I went to see an exhibition one evening and could not find it. no one knew what we were talking about. Turns out the ad for the exhibit was for 2006! We just didn't see the 2006 part.