Saturday, January 31, 2009

My A - Z

Allergic to shrimp and bee stings ( ... and nothing else that I know of)

Blanche is my middle name

Creating is my passion. I don't see it as being about what I 'make'. It's who I am. Whatever I 'make' is an extension of that.

Dreaming (while sleeping) has always been enjoyable for me - like seeing free movies every night (maybe why I sleep through movies?? See letter 'S' below)

Elspeth is Scottish for Elizabeth and the two meanings I've seen for it are (i) "God an oath" and (ii) "God's Grand-daughter"

Firstborn of three girls

Gave up smoking and drinking on January 8, 2001 and never looked back

Helping animals in whatever way(s) I can when I see them in need (e.g. injured birds, dogs at roadside, lost animals, etc). is something I've always been strongly moved to do

I would never want to be anyone else but me

Jumping out of a speeding hijacked car in 1998 was one of the most dangerous things I've experienced. I was uninjured except for bad bruises (still have scars on back) and strange pain in wrist (see letter X below).

Kundalini is the kind of yoga I've been practising since October 2000

Libran ... the best

My blood crawls when I see lots of small dots or raised bumps in a cluster together ... or small moving things in a cluster (e.g. a heap of maggots, especially if in a festering wound)

Northern Lights ... I intend to see/experience them in my lifetime

Over the years I think less and less about 'what my purpose in this life is'. The question used to consume me. I realise that just 'being' who I am is the purpose.

Pictionary is my favourite board game, but I haven't played it in ages.

Quitting my job in advertising in 1999 was one of the best birthday gifts I ever gave myself. (Wrote the resignation letter on 7 September so that the departure date would be 7 October, my birthday).

Rawist since May 2008

Sleep through many/most movies ...

'Thank You' is something I say often in my head

Understanding others and myself beneath the surface (and learning from the two) is something I constantly strive to do

Very good at making 'something' out of 'nothing' when that needs to happen.

Wonderment in simple, small, everyday, often overlooked things and moments (and the ability/propensity for this) is one of my life's most enjoyable gifts/experiences.

X-rays done on knee (damaged ligament while dancing at toga party years ago), chest (routine, for medical), wrist (damaged after jumping out of speeding hijacked car - see J)

Yoga has been and continues to be transforming and enhancing for me

Zoos ... I don't like them.


Lynn Cohen said...

Oh you are an interesting lady A-Z.
Thanks for sharing so much of yourself Grand daugter to God.

Elspeth said...

You're welcome, 'Waterfall' (one of the meanings of your name).

Lynn Cohen said...

You're welcome. Really? Waterfall.
Wow, what a powerful symbol that is.
and such beauty too. Wow, thanks for telling me!

meadysmusings said...