Sunday, January 4, 2009

Santa Conversations

Phone conversation with my godson Luc (age 6) earlier today ...

Me: So what are you doing?

Luc: Watching E. play Wii.

(E. is his brother)

Me: Oh, the Wii you got from Santa?

Luc: Yes

Me: Does Santa always give you what you want?

Luc: Yes

Me: Hmm. Even if you asked him for things for me?

Luc (confidently): Yeah

Me: So how do you ask him? Do you write him a letter?

Luc: No. I just talk to him

Me: Aloud?

Luc: No, I whisper.

Me: Where do you whisper?

Luc: I go to my room

Me: Does Santa ever talk back to you?

Luc: No.

(There was a little more to our conversation but I can't remember it now. I love the trust and surety in the way that most children know and believe in things).

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