Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Three things about three things ...

You can just barely see them on the wall: three rainbows created by the crystal at the window
(Photo courtesy iPhoto)
Three things I've been thinking about (lots of time to be pensive these days) ...
1. Every experience in life shows us new things (... but do we always see them?) This experience has shown me/is showing me more about Love, Friendship and People - myself included.

2. Blogging ... What is it for and why do I do it? Before I started blogging, I didn't even know what a blog was. When I found out I was baffled as to why people wrote about themselves and their lives and showed their photos to the public. It seemed so inane. Now here I am doing it. My blog has gone from being quite abstract (to the extent that I didn't even use the name 'Elspeth' - I just went as 'Happy Hippy') ... to creative/semi-personal ("My Creative Portal", I used to call it) ... and now it seems to be a combo of abstract, creative and personal, but starting to lean more to the personal side ... maybe. Will I continue 'for ever'? Will it evolve into something else? One day will I lose interest and stop completely?

3. In addition to feeling and having Love, to heal quickly, one needs something(s) to look forward to ... something(s) to stretch toward.

Three things I'm looking forward to:
1. It's currently under my bed. It arrived from Toronto a few days before I went for the op, so I haven't fully had the chance to use it. Am excited to be up and about again so I can.
2. A date later in February.
3. Getting out and about with Synchronicity (my camera) - both business and pleasure.

Three favourite things that happened yesterday:
1. The couriers brought the LCD protector I'd ordered for Synchronicity
2. Surprise phone call from my friend Tamara in Toronto
3. My friend Nisha came over and dropped off a bar of Fearless raw organic chocolate and a mixed yoga CD (both sent by another friend, Rosanna) ... along with a few little gifts of her (Nish) own - magnetic book (for the fridge) and some pens.

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