Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Helping my Human" by Jasper

I'm lending a paw to my Human as she sorts out those accounts she's left piling up over the past few months.
"Yawn ... the things we do for love."

"Wake me up when it's over."


Lynn Cohen said...

I do believe that Henry and Jasper are quite related. They have much the same markings and expressions.
Henry tries to help too but with sewing or knitting it's too much in the way as he can't separate out helping and playing with yarn and threads!!! Off he goes! Kerplunk!
Meow from Henry to Jasper!!!

Elspeth said...

Trinidadian and Californian cat cousins. These photos are passive. Jasper's more common version of helping is shredding the paper.

Lynn Cohen said...

Shredding paper is what Henry Does when he wants our attention NOW>>>

Anonymous said...

He is such 'the man' now!... I haven't seen him in so long. GOod to see he is still up to his old tricks though...have you received any gifts recently?

Elspeth said...

Yes. There was a dismembered (de-winged) dove near to my keyboard yesterday.