Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Pulling strands
Catching Light
Enlightening me
Illuminating my path

Spider in garage the other morning at sunrise

Below, an extract (full article here):

Spider honors each individual's essence. Honor and encourage each person's individual essence, recognizing and gathering only the sweetness. In our world, humans are often honored for their actions instead of their essence. We often look to be fed by what we do instead of who we are, by work and play instead of our divine essence. Spider assures us that a thousand hours of work will never be as valuable to her or Great Spirit as one drop of your essence.

Have you ever looked closely at a spider's web sparkling in the sun? Each place four directions intersect (much like the intersection of our world) is the home of countless rainbows, adding to the spectacle that is the kaleidoscope of her creation. Can you be dedicated enough to Beauty to encourage each of her creations to shine forth their own light so that the whole web can sparkle its infinitely complex pattern? When an individual's essence is not honored, a rainbow is stifled. Are you secure enough in your own shining that you can allow others to join and compliment your light?


meadysmusings said...

Great photo!

Elspeth said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wise words profoundly noticed and shared with broad mind. God Bless You.