Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The camera plot thickens

Enough is enough
I called DHL first thing this morning as business hours opened. I got Donna, the same woman who had dealt with me when I'd called the other day.

As furious/frustrated as I am with DHL right now - and in the midst of my venting of displeasure - she remained calm and spoke so peacefully and kindly that I found myself softening and my bristles lying back down.

Well, I softened as much as one can when:
(i) one imagines one's camera possibly passing from hand to hand of strange customs people who may or may not be honouring the FRAGILE sticker
(ii) one learns that in US customs they like to "hold" things, especially in Miami and Ohio (the latter is where my cam has been since Sunday)
(iii) There is little that DHL TT can do other than re-open the trace on my item (which the US people closed when the shipment left Miami) ... and wait.

"Do they think my camera is a bomb?!" I asked Donna (feeling very explosive myself).

"Miami customs will hold anything for a long time ... even a document."

She is re-opening the trace and will get back to me when she learns why the camera is being held.

I told Donna that as a first (and last) time user of DHL, all of this is beyond ridiculous ... and at this point I just want my camera to arrive in Texas in one piece with no more damage done to it than the LCD crack I sent it off with.

So, I've done what I can ... contacted DHL USA (twice) where Jane is investigating ... and now there's Donna in TT re-opening the trace. Either one will contact me when they find out what's happening.

I hereby let go and close the matter with an affirmation:
My camera arrives at the Laredo Repair Centre in Texas, safe and sound within (at most) the next two business days. It is repaired swiftly and successfully, at no or minimal cost to me and is returned to me safely and soon ... like brand new, ready to begin again.


Lynn Cohen said...

I hate to ask this, but will the camera need to go back through customs again on it's return to you trip????

Oy, I sure hope NOT!

I join you in the calming affirmation.

Elspeth said...

It will need to go through customs in Trinidad.