Thursday, February 5, 2009

What are the odds of this happening?!!

Talk about uncanny! I had shot this footage when I was in Toronto in May 2007. Some friends and I were at an outdoor Drummers in Exile gathering with our djembes. Fascinated by the fire hoopers, I captured a little footage using the video function of my digital camera. I had no idea who the hoopers were at the time. Some months after, I used this footage for the above video when German musician/blogger, Gary Winter, and I collaborated on a series of short video/music pieces.

Two days ago, digging through my video archives, I came across these collaborative videos and watched them again. As I looked at the fire hooping one, I found that something in the shape and movement of one of the fire hoopers struck a familiar chord. Toronto/Canada/the world is a huge place and the person in the video could have been any one of a multitude of hoopers. Plus the video is dark and her figure isn't very distinct ... but I saw something in her movement and form that I instinctively connected to the Toronto hooper from whom I had ordered my professional hoop in December 2008. I received it in January 2009 just before going on my surgical adventure.

I sent the collaborative video file to her and she wrote back saying "Yes!" it definitely is her and one of her fellow fire hoopers! To think that over a year and a half ago I shot a video clip of a random stranger hooping in a crowded field ... then this year (without even knowing that the dots are connected, until now) I order a professional collapsible travel hoop (made by her) from her! Fascinating ... considering the many other people and places in the world I could have chosen to order from.

Talk about coming full circle, just like a hoop.

When I got my hoop earlier in January, I named her Fireheart (inspired by this). She joins my:
Video camera (Karishma)
Digital SLR (Synchronicity/Synchronici-T.E.)
Drum (Dandelion)
Laptop (Satya ... which, interestingly, I almost named Karishma).


Gary said...

Wow! That's a coincidence (- or not). It matches that somehow mysterious atmosphere of the video. Thank you for calling me here again.I love to remember this co-production. Will mail for more...

Kelly said...

Whoa!!! That's just downright freaky.