Thursday, February 19, 2009

In Loving Memory

I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through.

- Jules Verne

I'd taken this pic a few days ago, when I still had Synchronicity
Pandy (short for Pandora), my parents'/sister's cat was put to sleep today. She was getting on in years (about 16, I think) and was frail and ailing. Putting an animal to sleep is never an easy decision, but sometimes it's the best decision ... for the animal's sake.

You had a great life, Pandy ... and a peaceful passing. We know you're now up in pet heaven frisking around with all of the other pets that have been in our family.

Cindy (golden labrador retriever) - my first ever pet, my birthday gift for my 1st birthday
Gobberlina (cat)
Mehitabel (cat)
Tuptim (cat)
Tarzan (dog)
Zola (dog)
Kizzy (dog)
Kiku (dog)
Sheba (dog)
Martina (dog)
Patch (dog)
Tarka (dog)
Misty (dog)
Daisy (dog)
Bijoux (no longer with us ... but hopefully still alive and well in a home that loves her)

I think that's it. Hope I havent missed anyone.



Kimberlie said...

What a beautiful picture of Pandy. It sounds like she had a good long life, yet still it is hard to let go of the ones we love.

I see from your list of pets that you have done it over and over again.

I hope the memories of each of them warm your heart.


Unknown said...

Don't forget Kiku and Sheba (who was stolen from our yard in Hardy Drive).

Thanks for the beautiful words of memory on Pandy's behalf. You know how hard this is for me, as you know how attached I was to her. I know she is in a better place, but I miss her so much and can't seem to stop crying, everytime see a picture of her or hear her name.

May you rest in peace my sweet Pandora.

01.01.1993 - 19.02.2009

Elspeth said...

True - Kiku and Sheba. I'll add them in. But remember we found Sheba in Curepe some time after she disappeared. Well, crying is natural, but don't worry. Her spirit is free.

Elspeth said...

Thanks, Kim.

Unknown said...

sorry to hear about Pandora. And i think i remember almost everyone from Mehitabel and Tuptim.

human being said...

you touched my heart...
love cats a lot... just those who have cats living with them know how they can change something in us...