Thursday, February 12, 2009

Offering more Ofra

(13) The Poem (New Track).mp3 - Ofra Haza

I've put together a short playlist of some of Ofra's songs - some remixed, some not (see below). Press play and they stream one after the other, automatically ... allowing you to go about your tasks at home or at work in the company of this music. "Poem" (the piece featured above) stands alone though, as it wasn't possible to save it to a playlist.


Ofra Haza

I'm enjoying the (re)discovery of the inspiring Ofra Haza and finding so many great links to her music and some videos. I'll be taking a few days 'break' from blogging ... but will share the Ofra links in blog posts. Let's just call this Ofra Week.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Ofra stuff!
Looking for more?
I am an assistant moderator for the busiest Ofra Haza Yahoo group.
We have links to many rare Ofra recordings, photos etc.
Our group is also in the process of releasing a new Ofra fanzine called Touched by the Hand of Ofra Haza! Which we hope will be back from the printer this week!
Our Yahoo Group is a private group to keep out the spam.
If you would like to join us the link is below.

PS here is the link