Tuesday, February 24, 2009

First and Last Time (camera update)

When DHL Trinidad told me my package would reach by Wednesday, perhaps I was overly optimistic to assume that they meant Wednesday 18th February ... when they really meant Wednesday 25th.

As you can guess, my package has not reached its destination. 9 days later. Even though I knew yesterday was Carnival Monday and businesses are closed until Wednesday, I still rang DHL Trinidad to find out what is going on. I was told by the voice message that the operator is unavailable ... which means she was no doubt out on the streets prancing around in her Carnival costume. For those who don't know, Trinidad and Tobago is in the midst of our annual Carnival, billed as 'the greatest show on earth'. The whole country basically shuts down for Monday and Tuesday to party ... and kind of goes back to normal on the Wednesday (Ash Wednesday).

Rather than wait until Wednesday to contact DHL Trinidad and possibly be told that they "don't know" what happened to my shipment, I contacted DHL in the US with the necessary information and asked them to investigate.

In a few hours I received the following from a customer service rep called Jane:

Dear Elspeth,

Thank you for contacting DHL.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Regretfully the package is being held by United States Customs officials for further inspection. Once the shipment is inspected and released DHL will expedite delivery to the receiver. DHL is unable to advise how long the inspection and/or release may take by United States Customs officials.

However, if the shipment is not delivered within 2 business days then please get back to me so that I can research further.

If I can be of further assistance please advise.

Thank you for using DHL.


Earlier this morning I checked the tracking information and was relieved to see: "Processed for clearance at DHL Wilmington Airpark - USA" (where it has been 'on hold' since Sunday).

11:50 a.m. Just checked again, thinking maybe I would see an update like: "Shipment on way to Texas".

But no ... what do I see?

"Shipment on hold" (... at the same place it's been at since Sunday! DHL Wilmington Airpark, OH - USA!)

This is the first and last time I'm using DHL.


Anonymous said...

I never use DSL Trinidad..they service is bad and the couriers (Ronald)are rude.

I always remember when I was at Tattoo Farm we never got any mail . We had to go for it to the head office. Why?

The courier said he only made one run per day -which was around 10am and we opened at 12noon.
A logical response was to pass by our business last but according to him it would be too much to do and mess up his routine.

The office staff were no better help so we started telling people please don't send anything DSL.

Why pay for a delivery service to the receiver's address not to head office an hour away in traffic.

Mitra Sticklen said...

arg! what a headache:(

Elspeth said...

The sad thing is, service in TT in general is poor and no one (or very few) care to rectify it because there is a thriving culture of accepting mediocrity, laziness and sub standard quality. Some "True Trini" reading this might say "Doh say dat about my Trinidad." But that's what I don't get about the "True Trini" label that so many people grab onto. If you are a "True Trini" then do something to make it a better place.

Lynn Cohen said...

How frustrating. I guess you are supposed to be out in the streets partying and taking photos of all those wonderful costumes????

I do like this photo of you today With YOUR CAMERA!

meadysmusings said...

Sorry to hear! I guess you should have just FedExed it instead! :)

Elspeth said...

Ha, well ... this is what it is for a reason ... and too late to think of should haves. As I keep saying, no service is foolproof/perfect.

meadysmusings said...

It would have made a helluva commercial for FedEd though! :)

meadysmusings said...

I mean FedEx!:)