Sunday, February 15, 2009


Synchronicity still takes shots ... but I have no idea how they look until downloaded.
Here, the image on my computer screen is reflected in Synch's lens.

I called Sony e-support in the States to find out what can be done for my camera after yesterday's unfortunate turn of events. I got a rep called Adrian.

Like most people, he didn't know how to spell my name, but politely asked "Can you please spell your first name for me, Miss Duncan?" (As opposed to "Eh? Was dat? Nesbit? Lispet?")

It was refreshing to actually deal with someone who asked specific, professional questions and could knowledgeably answer the queries I had about my camera and the process without sounding like "the valued customer" was bothering or interrupting them.

What a huge difference is made by: (i) a well trained, polite service rep and (ii) good customer service. Trinidad and Tobago has far to go in that respect. In bigger countries, companies stay on top of the game with customer service, knowing that it can make or break their image and build or break their customer base. Here in TT people just accept "whatever" or laugh off bad customer service with a casual "Dat is Trinidad, yes ..."

As the afternoon progressed, I began to feel overwhelmed by thoughts of what to do with my camera. After further discussions with the Sony people (this time with a rep called André) and Chookooloonks, who called from Texas (where the Sony reps told me I would have to send my camera) ... I'm still not sure what I'll do in the end. But ... I intend to have a clear course of action soon.

In summary, what have I learned from this experience? A few things ... but the main one:
Listen to my inner voice above any other voice(s). Don't second guess myself.

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