Monday, February 2, 2009

Just Being

My stainless steel beer mug, containing coconut water
Having not left the house or been out into 'the world' for about ten days now (a record for me) ... I am at peace, relaxed, content and free. I was telling a friend of mine yesterday that I can happily stay in my room, potter around for a while or lie in my bed all day and not feel an ounce of boredom or restlessness. Normally, being indoors, in one place, for this length of time would drive me batty. After a very early start to my day with yoga, etc, I am restless and active, dashing all over the place in my car, going to do this and that, drop things off, collect things, go to the bank, grocery, fruit stall, market, whatever project I'm working on, etc etc etc. I didn't realise what a whirlwind that was until now that I've stopped completely. The world goes on without me. Looking back, it all feels like a subconscious distraction from still, quality time spent with myself, resting my body, mind and senses, appreciating and enjoying who I am just as I am, where I am, without 'doing' anything.

Just being.

My pink room embraces me in warm, gentle vibrations. I am not feeling the need for anyone or anything in particular, yet I welcome and enjoy those who do come. There is a huge difference between 'going out' to people or to the world and having people and the world 'come in' to me.

I am metamorphosing now in a pink womb and will emerge a new person.


meadysmusings said...

yea it can be nice!:)

Kris Loya said...

i'm glad ur liking your time in your room! Ppl dont understand how i like to stay home so much but there is so much to do! I could entertain myself for weeks!

btw the word verification says 'plippers' lol


staying in the room or staying alone is not a trait of introvert but i think one must peek inside of himself/herself when staying alone for sometimes.

In fact it really feel good when we try to be inward. sometimes i wish i could meditate for long long hours without any disturbance, without any external stimulus...mind in a partial void state and forget the feeling of body...i tell you its an exotic feeling.