Thursday, February 19, 2009

Finally Cut

All over T&T there are people counting down to Carnival, which is this weekend, Monday and Tuesday. That's not what I'm counting down to in the above photo, though. I'm playing around with a new Photobooth feature on Satya (my laptop). The feature allows you to take four photos during the camera countdown. I bought Satya some new 'toys' the other day ... upgraded her OS to Leopard (which is what has, among other things, new features in some of the programs), bought a terabyte external drive and increased her RAM.

The computer I used to edit all my videos on (see right hand side bar for some videos) conked out the other day and it makes no sense to fix it. It was a PC (Windows). The only reason I would have wanted to fix it is that I loved the editing program I used - Sony Vegas (hm, there's that Sony name again). Unfortunately that editing program doesn't run on Mac :(

Mac people are always on about Final Cut and often laugh at anything else, but I genuinely loved Vegas. I found it powerful, customizable and 'intuitive' (to use the word people sometimes put to technology). Sometimes Mac/Final Cut editors would come up to me and say: "Wow, how did you do that?" or "How did you get it to do that/look like that?" Then when they heard it wasn't anything to do with Final Cut, they would be surprised. Well, it's not always what brand name you use or what equipment you have ... it's what you DO with what you have.

Anyway, I miss editing. Without my Vegas I've been tinkering around in iMovie, which is very limiting, but okay for putting together quick, simple things. Kind of like being without Synchronicity and getting my photography fix by taking screen shots and using Photobooth.

Seeing that I'm "a Mac girl" now, the time has come for me to switch to Final Cut. Plus, it's "the industry standard". I've used it before but didn't think it was sooooooooooo great. Kind of like going to see a movie that everyone is raving about and then wondering why (as often happens with me). But ... I feel this time around I will love FC and be really glad that I'm using it.

For now I'll use Satya for editing (which is why I got her those new toys), but at some point I'll need to get another system (computer). Many would advise a Mac desktop, but I'd rather a laptop, because of mobility/travel and wanting to carry the system with me when I go. Who knows? Time will tell what is what.


Caroline Mair said...

that sounds pretty interesting. kinda makes me want to learn more.

Elspeth said...

I can show you some things if you like.

Unknown said...

Wow Spec, i definitely must come visit and check out Satya and that Leopard OS...awesome stuff as usual, i love reading your blogs. I know most times i don't usually post a comment, but most times, your different blogs calm me, they always give off a great vibe.