Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My 3rd hooping video (maybe one day I'll stop counting).

Keep looking and you will see the big HEART that appears. I didn't expect it ... but saw it when looking back at the video after applying effects. It's what made me decide to post the video.

On this particular day, I was trying to:
(a) hoop faster, using fast music (you'll vaguely hear this Ofra Haza remix playing on my laptop in the background).
(b) bring the hoop from waist up to chest
(c) bring the hoop from up in the air twirling around my hand down over shoulders and chest to waist without stopping rotation

None of these things are as easy as they look! But I'll get there one day.

(Video recorded using Mac laptop camera and edited in iMovie HD)



this is amazing though i couldn't listen(it is not permitted in office) but the sequences are wonderful..How did you do that? Heart is everywhere and i like some monstrous figure out of that sequences and then again mixed..

Elspeth said...

I just hooped while the laptop camera was on (recording). Then after, I applied a few effects - including mirror effect, which is what splits the screen and creates the 'two' as a reflection of each other.

Id it is said...

Wow! That was quite something! I came by from Crow's blog and glad I did.
Coincidence you may call it, but I just posted on Naipaul and now I find myself on a blog out of Trinidad!

Elspeth said...

It's said that nothing is a coincidence.