Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Birth Day, Yoga Night, Muesli Morning

Raw muesli which T and I made for breakfast one morning.
The jar to the right contains sesame seed milk.
When T was here we made lots of simple and delicious raw eats/drinks on a daily basis, but the raw muesli with sesame seed milk which she showed me how to make was perhaps my favourite (see above photo of our gourmet prep).

This morning I made a large batch of it for breakfast (today and tomorrow) and I'm eating some now as I blog. It contains finely diced (firm) Graham mango, coconut, pear, apple, raisins, dates, cashews, oats. Mixed all of that up then topped with the sesame seed milk, some banana slices and a thin spiral of honey. Yum.

Yesterday for my birthday, all was quiet. I mainly stayed home, went to the Post Office to collect a package (raw food book ordered by my sister Vanessa), did some groceries and went to collect my French prize (which turned out to be an invitation for me and 'up to two guests' to attend the ceremony later this month where I will collect the prize). I'm curious as to what le prix fran├žais is. A book? A CD? A DVD? A trip for two to Paris?

The only thing I felt specifically like doing to celebrate my birthday was yoga - a kriya for working on the 7 chakras and aura, followed by the ra ma da sa healing meditation. Simple and powerful. I felt that would be a good gift to give myself. So in the evening I got together with friends Cherrymoka/webgrl/Kris and Glen on C.Moka's verandah with its view of the large playing field and mountains. We lit some candles and did a short version of the chakra kriya followed by the meditation and topped off with a smoothie I had made (cucumber, avocado, apple, coconut water, flax oil, banana, ice cubes) chilled and poured into wine glasses.

A yummy end to a birthday and a yummy beginning to the day after ...

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