Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dream Cat-cher

Elspeth Duncan & Tresa Yung
Herman, the cat at Lillibet's (Castara) where we spent our first few days in Tobago.
On our day of departure from Lillibet's, Herman THE DREAM CATCHER caught a lizard which he laid in our path as a goodbye gesture. Having had lots of experience with my cat Jasper and his gifts, I immediately saw Herman's lizard as a power animal. The lizard as a power animal is about dreaming and intuition ... and I've been having some very notable dreams on this trip.

I'll now hand over to Tresa to write a few words ...
Not only have Elspeth's dreams been vivid and telling of intuitive messages, but we've come to find a mutually inspired and inspiring purpose; suddenly, it feels as if a door has opened ... as if our "life purpose," "life dreams" and the revelation of each is now further unfolding in the subtle realms for both of us. It has truly been a unique, magical and exciting trip, each day filled with the synchronicity & divine guidance that being open brings. Now, it's time to let go of limiting beliefs and trust in faith.

Back to you, Elspeth ...
I agree totally with everything that Tresa just said. Being here, stepping out of 'life as we know it' has revealed the many possibilities that exist in 'life as we don't know it' (yet) when we find the courage to surrender to the calling of our hearts. Here we had 'nothing to do' and 'nowhere to go'. This has nothing to do with being bored, being lazy or being uninterested in the rush of life. For us, having nothing to do created the space for anything and everything to be possible, even if just in our imaginations (for now) ... and having nowhere to go meant that we could go anywhere (if we wanted to) or stay right where we were.

One of the things that makes it possible to live in, enjoy and flourish in apparent nothingness is living by what we referred to on this trip as 'third eye time'. It is a completely different time that has nothing to do with the clocks we become accustomed to and dependent on in 'everyday life'. Some of you may already be familiar with kronos (chronological time) and Kairos (Divine Time). We did not live by Kronos time here ... and hopefully, upon returning to 'civilisation' we will not lose our awareness of Kairos.

There is a lot that is unfolding and all will be revealed in Divine third-eye time. Being here has reminded me that we are visionaries. From wherever we are, we can extend ourselves beyond that time and space to a reality that may not exist yet in our material surroundings, but is no less 'real'.


Back to you, Tresa ...

Yes, Elspeth, I concur. This experience has made me take pause and see how I, as well as many people I know, can sometimes become so driven, attached to or focused upon our current lifestyle, purpose or status that we can no longer see the unlimited number of things possible in our lives (besides just that which we currently hold on to).

It's also been such a relief to see that creativity can come through things other than pain or suffering. This has been a very light and joyous trip and it's been filled with brainstorming potential. I know so many creative artists who think that they have to remain connected to their struggle in order to create something amazing.

I've done the same thing and I'm ready to step off of that path. When I let go of my self-created limits, anything is possible.


Lynn Cohen said...

Happiness and success wished on you both...and as for Herman, well Henry is jealous I am have such POWER animals there to catch!
He is on my blog today Elspeth with you and Jasper in mind.

Elspeth said...

Thanks for your wishes Lynn. I'll go and visit Henry.