Monday, October 13, 2008

The Foundation of Love in action

Opening doors
Before you read today's post, read this very short post (about the stone in the above image). Its significance will strike you as you read on.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while will know the Dream House Window Lamp and how it was inspired by the need to build a dream house for Veronica and her children ... as well as it being a vessel of light into which any of us could place our dreams (as in a House full of Dreams), to give them positive and powerful energy for highest manifestation.
The Dream House Window Lamp
Yesterday, about six months after the launch of the Dream House Window Lamp we finally began working on Veronica's House. Before telling this story, I wish to thank Babita Dubay, who came to see Invisible at the Film Festival, heard me mention the need for volunteers for Habitat for Humanity in my director's talk afterwards and told a friend of hers in England about it.
(l. to r.: Babita D. and Annisha of Habitat)
Her friend, Nerissa, is a Trinidadian who lives in England and is married to an Englishman, James. They are celebrating their 5th anniversary this October and were coming to Trinidad to celebrate (as they had been married here, in Blanchisseuse).
The Anniversary Couple: James & Nerissa
Honey, I'm really digging this 5th anniversary celebration
When friends asked them what they wanted as gifts, they opted for the 'gifts' to be donations to a charity of their choice. They decided to donate to Veronica's House (when Babita told them of it) and for them and their party of friends (who would travel with them from London to TT to celebrate the 5th anniversary) to put in some hard work as volunteers on the site.
Many hands. Light work.
When I arrived at the site yesterday, Nerissa, her husband and a few of their friends, Babita included, were sweating it out in the hot tropical sun, shoveling sand, toting it in wheelbarrows and dumping it to fill the foundation. People talk about romantic anniversaries as candlelight dinners, champagne, etc. ... but I find this idea is also romantic and meaningful. Not only are Nerissa and James celebrating their love for each other, but they are extending that love to someone else, a stranger and her family ... and including their friends and family in the process.
Nerissa's dad
One of their friends
Another friend in action

There are so many couples all over the world and there always will be. If, for each anniversary for the rest of their lives, every couple honoured and celebrated their own love and then further extended it to the world through some mutual act of of kindness and service, this would activate a timeless global chain of love and healing. It would also strengthen the couples' own bond as they are infused with the special energy generated through mutual willingness to help others and make the world a better place.
I find it interesting that I found the heart rock at Toco after a 5 day silent retreat ... and James and Nerissa have been married for 5 years. Also that the heart rock/symbol of Love was the foundation stone for the Dream House Window Lamp ... and here it is that Nerissa and James, in celebrating Love, are building the foundation of the actual house.
On behalf of Veronica and her children, Habitat for Humanity and all who have thus far donated in cash or kind to this venture, I extend thanks to Nerissa, James and friends ... and wish the happy couple many more meaningful anniversaries.


meadysmusings said...

Hey make us sound so grand so early in the morning! I think all of us really enjoyed the experience although it was not easy for any of us! Also I think although some of the group did more work than others (all joking aside) everyone gave it their best efforts! (including... :) and he did try!)but special mention should be made of Nerissa's dad Michael Gayadeen, Nerissa's husband James Knightley and Ian Graham who is shown above as 'One of their friends'. In the pic labelled 'Another friend in action' is Edward Conway and missing from any of the shots is our other diligent helper in the batch another James- James Beal.
I think when you think of it that your lovely made film and blogs started this, inspired a dance, inspired me who also dabble in the arts and then inspired nerissa's family and friends (me included)to action. I'd call all of this Arts in Action! :)

On another note you should not forget to let Nerissa's dad know bout Bijoux if you havent already.

Elspeth said...

Hi - thanks for the extra names for their friends. James (Beal) can be seen in miniature in the shot with 'Many hands. Light work'. Glad to know so much inspiration is coming of this. Sent email to Nerissa re Bijoux so she could fwd it to her dad.

Unknown said...

I never really thought of it that way. A anniversary can be spent sharing love with someone other than your spouse. The video and the post, once again, taught me some meaningful lessons. A job well done to all those involved and to you Elspeth-keep on inspiring. I wish Veronica and her family the best of the best.


Lynn Cohen said...

What a beautiful way to give LOVE and to celebrate LOVE and to build LOVE. I hope these young people who choose to do this extend it to include the children they have one day and their children continue the tradition and their children after them and so on and so forth for generations to come. This will SAVE the WORLD and fill it with LOVE.

Anonymous said...

It is so exciting to see ground broken and work begin on this house.