Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Missing person

The other day I was at the check out counter of HiLo, St. Anns. My eyes fell on the community notice board on the wall ahead of me. There, amidst fliers and notices for various things were ads for Missing Dogs ... and Missing People! Knowing how bad it feels to have a missing dog, it struck me in that moment: (God forbid) imagine having to put up an ad for a missing person! And to think that missing people ads are on a supermarket cork board, seemingly as common as fliers advertising missing dogs!

I don't know the missing young woman featured in the above flier, although it's a small world and her name sounds very familiar. I've received quite a few forwarded e-mails over the past few days (from friends who know her or who know people who know her) asking everyone to look out for her and/or her car. So when I got the above flier today I thought I would put it up here. Prayers go out for her and for her loved ones.

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Kris Loya said...

i pray for her safe return as well.