Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Please help to find lost dog: Bijoux

Those of you who live in St. Augustine and environs, please keep your eyes peeled for the dog in the photo above. Her name is Bijoux (French for 'jewels'). It's pronounced Bee-joo (and not Bee-jowx as some Trinis might say). She ran away from home two days ago, terrified by a loud blast of thunder and we cannot find her anywhere (yet).

Black and brown body
White socks
White spot on back of neck
Smiling mouth
Solid physique (i.e. when wet she does not look skinny)

If found, please call 786-2539

With all the thunder and rain we've been having, the possibility exists that she may have been scared even further afield. So please forward this information to your friends and associates who live elsewhere on the island.

I will be making posters/flyers and sticking them up on lamp posts in the immediate St. Augustine area and environs. Someone may have taken her in and may wonder who she belongs to. She has a green collar. It used to have a tag with her name and number on it, but unfortunately she lost the tag.

When you see her she may be wet and scraggly from the rain. She may be looking lost and scared. But she is friendly and most likely will not bite if you go to her. Do not give up on her if she runs away in fright. This is natural for a dog unaccustomed to life on the streets. Pursue and call her name gently, extending your hand kindly and she may come to you. Please attempt to secure her and call 786-2539 so that she can be collected.

Thank you in advance.

I remember when my house mate at the time (Frances) and I were living in Woodbrook ... it was Fran's b'day (1995?) and a little brown dog wandered to the back step where our kitchen was. He walked in and she immediately fell in love with him and decided to keep him. We named him 'Happy' (short for 'Happy Birthday') and he lived a very great life (dying just recently) as 'Hap'.

Someone somewhere must have mourned for him (their beloved pet) when he disappeared, no doubt also terrified by some loud noise like thunder or fireworks. I was thinking today as I drove in the rain, keeping my eyes peeled for Bijoux ... maybe someone kind has found her and fallen in love with her too on their birthday.


Andreamuse said...

That last paragraph is exactly how I felt when Stardust flew away. I hope some kind person somewhere found her and is giving her all the love she deserves. So this I wish on Bijoux if you don't find her (which I hope you do!!) I emailed this link to M so he will keep an eye out, too!

Elspeth said...

Thanks, Muse.

Lynn Cohen said...

Hoping Praying Bijoux will just come home safely now. She is so pretty.

Elspeth said...

Thanks, Lynn. Will keep you posted.

GirlBlue said...

Such a pretty dog, I'm only really in that area when I pick up my daughter from school on Mondays and Wednesdays but I'll keep my eye open.

Do you think someone could have taken her?