Friday, October 24, 2008

Veronica's House 9 days away from completion

I was going today to get a photo of the house, but there was a lot of traffic. I will try to go tomorrow (weekend) and post the photo as a follow up so that you can see progress.Veronica's grandmother's house once stood on the land (demolished in photo).
Many of you already know that a house is being built in partnership with Habitat for Humanity - for Veronica and her children (read up on the genesis of this project here ). This small family was the subject of the short documentary, INVISIBLE, on which I worked last year.

Today, after months of delay in starting construction, I am happy to say that the house is 9 days away from completion. Jennifer Massiah, regional co-ordinator of Habitat called me today to say that volunteers and funds are now needed for:
1. The Cesspit (digging and casting)
2. Tiling of floor and/or bathroom

Total cost required for the cesspit materials and labour = a mere $8,408.80 TT.

See the breakdown below. Even if you can't help by financing the whole thing, you and your friends/family/co-workers/group/etc may be able to provide for SOME of it ... by funding an item or two.

One (8)M3 OF 1.2 & 1.2 AGGREGATE - $2,600
30 SACKS CEMENT @ $53 EACH - $1,590
140 of 6" x 8" x 16" concrete blocks @ $9.50 each - $1,330
1 Box of 2" concrete nails - $16
10 lengths of 12 mm MS Bars @ $52.28 each = $522.80
5 yards of boulders @ $350 each - $1,750
Labour - $600

To donate to the Veronica's House cesspit or tiling projects, please call Habitat for Humanity at 675-1222 (reference: Veronica's House Special Project)

Thanks in advance.


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