Thursday, October 2, 2008

Raw and restful

Sunset on the beach in Castara (on our first evening there)

Dear All,

Sorry for not having blogged lately. This is a quick update. I am currently in Tobago with my friend Tresa, who has come to visit for 2 weeks - her first time in T & T. We are having a great time.

Among other things, we've been creating and eating delicious raw meals. With T being a raw vegan chef, I've been picking up some new tips, tricks and simple recipes.

Only just got internet access today at our new location (closer to 'civilisation'), so may blog again tomorrow. Hope everyone and everything is well.



Lynn Cohen said...

An absolutely beautiful sunset photo Elspeth. Enjoy your visit with your friend, and enjoy the food preparations and eating.

meadysmusings said...

That is a very amazing pic! I was wondering what was up with you since you normally say if you are going to be off in the past. Good news my friends and I from what she has written to tell me should be volunteering with the house project the weekend after this one here. She told me she got in touch with Habitat so will see how it goes!

Kris Loya said...

smilin hardddddddddd :D
i hope u share some of those yumo recipes.
I've been vegan for almost 6 weeks and its proving to be a lot easier than i thought.

hugs! we'll catch up soon!