Monday, October 27, 2008

Duck Dream

This morning I went into a thrift store to see if they would take the packed up items that I will give away, rather than discard (... and they will, so I'll go back with the things on Wednesday). Inside, amidst the books, clothes, shoes and other odds and ends, I came across an old little box containing two tiny gold ducks on springs. They bobbed up and down when I touched them and suddenly I remembered my dream from last night.

I was standing naked in front of a mirror by a window. The room was dark, but my body had a glow to it that made the air around me bright. Suddenly I heard a voice calling. It was my neighbour, Mrs. C, calling what I thought was her dog. My first instinct was to dart away from the window, but then I realised she couldn't see me. I looked out and realised she was calling not to the dog, but to swarms of ducklings. I was amazed to see hundreds, maybe even thousands, of baby ducks running around outside the window. I had never seen anything like it.

As I played with the two little gold ducks in the old box, I told the woman in the thrift store (who was walking around with me, talking): "I now remember that last night I dreamt a whole set of ducks."

"Oh, you know about dreams?" she said.

I told her I had never dreamed ducks before and that when I got home I would look them up.

The Duck is symbolic of water energy (emotions) and the ability to deal powerfully with them. The Duck is also known as a helper of clairvoyance and seers. His message is to listen to emotions and feelings as the bringers of truths, as opposed to side stepping or ignoring them as intolerable or shameful. Water Energy is the carrier of intuitive messages that can be missed due to intellectual stifling.



Lynn Cohen said...

interesting dream...did you buy the bouncing ducks? Just wondering.

Elspeth said...

No. I'm trying to get rid of things, not accumulate more.

Tresa said...

Wow!! VERY COOL! :) thanks for sharing this and everything that you share... Your journey is MY journey! ;) Hugs, T