Wednesday, October 15, 2008

GREEN CARPET concert this Saturday

Dear All,

I have included some important concert information below. Please read and respond swiftly, to the best of your ability. Having personally seen and heard many of the scheduled performers in action, I can vouch for them as being 'moving experiences'. When I first met Tobyn Pearson (Canadian magician) at Detta's home, he blew me away with 'simple' magic tricks that I had no idea HOW ON EARTH he made possible! I have heard Michelle Rudder perform both piano and poetry and she raised the hairs on my skin with her fullness of passion and expression. I have experienced the Chamber Orchestra and assure you that their dedication and practice definitely pay off in their performances. I am looking forward to the talents of the other performers on the night of the show. No doubt just as potent. It is an evening to be experienced for a very good cause: the environment we live in and the creatures who inhabit it.
Greenlight Network's 2nd annual environmental fundraising concert.
Featuring an intriguing mix of top performers

DATE: Saturday October 18th, 2008
TIME: 5 - 8 p.m.
VENUE: La Joya Auditorium, La Joya Complex, Curepe

Sharda Patasar - sitar
Anthony Rose and Partner - Exodus pan players
Sangeeta Agrawall - Indian instruments and tabla
Limbo - Gail Edinborough
SACO (St Augustine Chamber Orchestra) - classical renditions
Michelle Rudder - classical piano
Tobyn Pearson (Canadian magician)

All proceeds will be used to support important environmental work.
50% to WORC (Wildlife Orphanage and Rehabilitation Centre)
50% to ongoing Greenlight Network creative/awareness raising environmental projects

For tickets, call:
Elspeth - 786-2539
Glen - 789-0786

Thank you for your support.

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