Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A review of my talk to WOMAN

As a 'Thank You' after my talk they gave me a lovely handmade card with their signatures and a bag of rainbow items: a rainbow candy cane, rainbow bracelet and the rainbow air freshener now hanging above the star in my car.
Today I am sharing a review on the talk & presentation I gave on Sunday. It's written by Del (The Soul of Jasse), who organises the WOMAN event and had invited me to talk to the group of women involved in the project. I always feel happy knowing that something I offer has inspired another/others.

Here is her recap:

Yesterday for my weekly meeting of WOMAN -The Event, Elspeth Duncan, noted Multimedia artist (writing, music, photography, interactive conceptual art, video/film) graced us with her presence. She is an artist I have always wanted to meet and was and still am intrigued by her work and mind. In the little space of an hour and a half, she said such profound things that I wrote down and promised to remember in my daily existence.

1. develop your intuition - this way you are more in touch with the world and by extension, yourself.
2. Do what your heart calls you to do - don’t do things just for money.
3. FIND THE DEEPER THINGS IN SIMPLICITY- this is something which I have been doing for the past year. Since this, I appreciate all the small things in life.
4. Creation= transformation
5. Creativity = life : creativity comes from the heart. It is the root. It is the foundation.
6. Don’t hold on to your best work - Sometimes by throwing things away, you actually create or you allow new things to be created.
7. Don’t force things to happen - sit back and allow things to happen for you. The earth takes a natural course. If it is meant to be it will be.
9. Magic is art and art is magic.
10. Emptiness allows for other things to fill us.

Emptiness allows for other things to fill us.

This statement shouted to me. For the past few years I have been feeling empty. Though my life is finally experiencing happiness, I feel creatively empty. Since a child I had visions of myself being successful and reaching places by this age. I am no where near to my goals. I am in a job that is not boring but not exciting. It’s a job. There is money. I want more from life. I spent 3 years doing a degree in Musical Arts And now feel no sense of achievement now that I’m finished. I want to explore my creative self. Connect with the root of it all - my heart and the earth. It is what guides us. It is what will open my mind to everything.

I have been experiencing a serious case of writers block for a long while. While I have so much emotion and opinion in my head, I cannot express it.
My music has died - my poetry has died - my art has died
I fear that my creativity is dying.
For now - I will try my best to listen to E.
Don’t force things to happen.
Sit back and allow things to happen for you. The earth takes a natural course. If it is meant to be it will be.
That is profound!


Jaase said...

Glad you liked the gifts :)
You inspire more people than you know!

Kris Loya said...

isn't it interesting how this links up to the talk we had this evening before i even saw this post!! And our talk last week too re: dying.
Time for RE BIRTH.

human being said...

yes very inspiring indeed... especially the last one...