Saturday, October 25, 2008

Updates: Bijoux and Veronica's House

Sadly we have not found Bijoux yet. Whenever the thunder rolls (and we've had a lot since she disappeared on 6 October), I think of her and wonder where and how she is. Poor Pippa is not herself ... missing her companion/playmate/sister. Two days ago, driving along the Eastern Main Road in St. Augustine, I saw a wet, forlorn dog (her size and, from a distance, colouring) lying on the pavement. I stopped my car, excitedly got out and approached the dog. It was not her.

The flyer in the above photo was stuck to the back windscreen of my car and fell down just yesterday, so I removed it. The most it did was make more people than usual call out to me in traffic or from the roadside: "Yuh sellin' yuh car?" (i.e. they thought it was a 'For Sale' flyer).

Bijoux, there is still hope that we will find you or that you will return. But ... if that is not to be ... wherever you are, I hope you are safe, warm, dry, well-fed and loved.
As promised, here is a shot of Veronica's House, which is a few days from completion. It was raining when I went this morning - hence the wet haze and sheltering workmen.


Lynn Cohen said...

I continue to send out positive energy prayers for your doggie's safe return Elspeth.
I know how sad this is for you.
And to see another animal in distress and not be yours.
I held a dead cat in our street the day ours went missing. I'm glad it turned out not to be Henry V, but it was just hard, hard, hard...I hope yours has a happy ending too.

The house looks wonderful. How exciting for all concerned.

Elspeth said...

Thanks, Lynn. What's that about Henry missing? I must have missed that one! I assume that was a long time ago?

Andreamuse said...

Good news about Veronica's House! How great to see the development of that dream!

I'm sorry about Bijoux. :( The other night i had a dream that Stardust flew back to us (I was in Trinidad and I watched M capture her from the roof). I hope that it actually means that Bijoux will return home!