Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The PAW Process

Englishman's Bay, Tobago (October 2008)
(Excerpt #1): By setting an outcome we become aware of the difference between what we have and what we want. The difference is the 'problem'. When you have set an outcome and are clear about your desired state, then you can plan to make the journey from one to the other. You become proactive, you take ownership of the problem and start to move towards a solution.
(Excerpt #2):
You need to believe three things about your outcomes:

It is possible to achieve them

You are able to achieve them

You deserve to achieve them

ossibility, Ability and Worthiness are the three keys to achievement. Remember them as the PAW process.


Lynn Cohen said...

I do believe I live by this creed now. Thanks for the reminder!
Great shot of feet and paw prints.

No recent kills brought home here, how about there?

Elspeth said...

Jasper hasn't brought in anything lately either.

Anonymous said...

I lost my job.

What I tought was a dream job.

Why did I let that happen?


Elspeth said...

Perhaps by 'getting lost', that 'dream job' made way for something better - something more in line with where you need to be right now for your necessary growth and what your Soul wants you to experience at this juncture in your lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant PAW theory & delightful Dog DVD shrewdly shared. God Bless You.