Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cute enough to convert cat haters

Seeking loving home for the kitten known as Pumpkin Orange.
Pumpkin Orange
Recently I was over at my friend Moka's apartment. From her balcony I heard little squeaking noises, like kittens. Lo and behold, there was a mother cat feeding her two kittens in a window-box-like thing on the floor just below Moka's.

"Ugh! I detest cats!" Moka stated with an air of finality when I exclaimed how cute they were ...

To cut a long story short, Moka, that same avowed cat-hater of less than a week ago, has since fallen in love with the remaining kitten (the mother and other kitten mysteriously disappeared). See the photos on this post (taken by Moka) and ask yourself who could resist adoring that kitten. She has named it "Pumpkin", has removed it from the window-box and now has it on her balcony in a box with its own blanket and toys. She feeds it, she speaks to it in a baby voice and refers to it by a variety of endearing nicknames, like "Pumpkin Spice Latte". She refers to Pumpkin as 'the cutest' and calls me a few times a day, like a proud mother with a newborn baby, to update me on what Pumpkin is doing. While on the phone she will occasionally forget that I'm on the other end, slip into baby voice and gurgle things like: "What you doing playing in your milkie?" or "Don't eat the ants" or "Shay hello to Auntie Shpec." It sounds to me like the rest of her life is now on hold, as she spends her day and her nights before bedtime on the balcony with this kitten.

Unfortunately this newly-converted cat lover is not allowed to have pets in her apartment and cannot keep Pumpkin. She is currently seeking a loving home for him/her. If any of you would like to adpopt Pumpkin or know of anyone who can give him/her a loving home, please call Moka at 638-7070
Adopt me.
I'm worth it.
I just called Moka to find out if it was okay to put her phone number on the blog. Her mother answered and said: "I don't know where she is ..." (short pause as she realises she's with Pumpkin) ... "Gosh, she's so obsessed with that cat ..."


GirlBlue said...

Oh my word look at that face, she is as adorable as my Tweakers, I wish I could take her but two cats and the rest of my menagerie is a bit too much as it is :(

Elspeth said...

Yes, definitely a cute one.

Kris Loya said...

cute post cute kitty!:) i hope pumpkin finds a home soon!

Unknown said...

i wasn't into them either, until i had to cat-sit a nice persian. really a nice one. this one is sooo cute. i totally would take her if my mother wouldn't freak out and or if i had time. sigh.

Andreamuse said...

oh my gosh, what a lovely little thing! I wish I could take her!

My sister has an orange cat named Pumpkin, too! :)

Kris Loya said...


A sweet girl called Belle wants pumpkin she is going to try her best to come pick him/her up tomorrow.
I'm sad to see pumpkin go but i'm happy he's going to a good home.
I have one more interested person if things don't work out with Belle. Thanks guys!

human being said...

as a cat lover, i could't help stopping by to say how adorable this cutie is...